Vintage Fountain Pens

Collectible Fountain Pens

Aurora Ballpoint Pens

Aurora is an Italian producer of high-quality writing instruments, fountain pens, paper  also leather  products, launched in 1919 by a wealthy textile merchant. Their items represent the first true Italian fountain pens and are still made on their original factory… Continue reading

Cross Pens

A. T. Cross is an American brand of fountain pens and other writing instruments. Cross manufactures ballpoint pens, fountain pens, and mechanical pencils. In addition they produce a range of other luxury goods such as watches, desk accessories and leather… Continue reading

Silver Fountain Pen

Find yourself a sleek, streamlined design silver fountain pen crafted from Sterling Silver for your collection. A silver fountain pen is a wonderful choice for everyday use, while the cool feel and look makes it a fantastic gift idea. A… Continue reading

Sheaffer Fountain Pens

Sheaffer designed the lever filling mechanism in 1907 and patented it in 1908. The Sheaffer Pen Company was incorporated in Fort Madison, Iowa on January 1, 1913. In 1920 the Lifetime model was introduced, this pen was guaranteed for the… Continue reading

Wahl Eversharp Fountain Pens

The Wahl Eversharp Pen Company started out when the Wahl Adding Machine Company entered the writing instrument field by buying the EverSharp Pencil Company in 1914, and in late 1917 acquired a small, high quality pen company, the Boston Fountain… Continue reading

Smith Corona Typewriter

The creation of the Smith Corona typewriter started an era of innovation in the world. Numerous versions of typewriters were introduced in the market. Several lasted while others failed to take in. The Smith Corona typewriter was an electric typewriter… Continue reading

Waterman Fountain Pen

The L.E. Waterman Pen Company of New York begun in 1884 and went on to become the largest American pen maker producing some of the most attractive pens ever made, with designs in silver, gold and hard rubber. Waterman's first… Continue reading

Waterman Ballpoint Pen

Waterman pen company is a major manufacturer of fountain pens. Established in New York City by Lewis Edson Waterman in 1884,
The oldest of the big four pen companies which were the Wahl-Eversharp Pen Company, Sheaffer Pen Com­pany, Parker Pen… Continue reading

Montegrappa Pen

Montegrappa is the oldest Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments, founded as "Manifattura pennini d'oro e penne stilografiche" ("Maker of gold nibs and fountain pens") in 1912. Their products are still manufactured in their original factory by the shores of… Continue reading